Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lakefront Living in Wisconsin

My latest project was to take a floor plan designed by a fine home builder in Wisconsin and develop the floor plan into a full-fledged design. Off to the left I have posted the original wall layout I was given. The house sets on a lakefront walkout site. I always love lakefront houses because they require the rear elevation of the house be just as important and appealing as the front. This avoids the ‘3 sides vinyl’ syndrome so many new houses have; where all the attention, detail, and budget is sunk into a fancy front elevation and the other 3 sides are neglected flat vinyl planes.

I’ve been on somewhat of a Craftsman kick lately for residential projects. Either I’m developing a style, or I’m just stuck in a stylistic rut, depending on your point of view. Either way, these Craftsman designs seem to be working very well. They have enough detail and style to be charming, and yet can still be reasonably straightforward so as not to blow the project budget.

The color renderings are shots of the final design I developed. When given the chance, I prefer to design homes with a bit more of a contemporary flair to them, such as the Laverty Cottage, Merkebee House, or Orsini Residence. But even these more modern designs still have some Arts and Crafts overtones.

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